President’s Blog March 2019

As we near the end of our 50th Season, what sinks in for me once again is this:  It’s all about the people.  One of the true pleasures of being President this year has been having the chance to work a little with every show this season and with every committee member, renewing my admiration for all of the work and love people put into this theatre.

A recent Stanford Center on Longevity study noted a current 5% drop in social engagement for middle-aged Americans.  The study prescribed this as the antidote:  “Volunteer—bonds are best made between people who regularly do meaningful activities together.”  Here’s a salute to our Pull-Tight volunteers of all ages who have already figured this out, and here’s wishing all of them the long and happy life associated with meaningful social engagement.

In spite of a dreary winter weather-wise, Pull-Tight has not stopped for a second.  Audiences enjoyed the delightful On Golden Pond and the entire world of a Maine summer on the lake created for us by Director Heather Bottoms and her cast and crew.

Beth Woodruff, Greg Grimsley, and Ty Trosdal in On Golden Pond

One of the highlights of the show was welcoming Greg Grimsley back to the Pull-Tight stage after an absence of more than 30 years.  To see his interview about now and then, click HERE.

I was especially moved by Heather’s Director’s Note in the program in which she touches on the significance for her of directing this show during the season’s 50th Anniversary.  If you missed it, read it HERE.

I wanted to give a shout-out to Pull-Tight Artist Members JT Landry and Melanie Haldas McBurney for their very entertaining podcast, “The Disney Buzz,” a fun look into all things historic and current about the Disney franchise.  In the first episode they talk about meeting at Pull-Tight and discovering their mutual love of Disney during the show Boeing Boeing.  Check out the podcast HERE.

Speaking of “buzz,” our patrons are very excited about the upcoming Steel Magnolias brought to us by Director Lenny West and his cast and crew.  The run is already completely sold out, with two additional holdover shows also immediately selling out and talk of adding more, so watch the website if you do not yet have tickets.  Lenny is very “buzzed” about his cast and they are more than ready to bring this entertaining and heartwarming show to Franklin.  This event is especially touching to a lot of us who have known and worked with Lenny since he was a super-talented very young man.

Rehearsal shot for Steel Magnolias with scripts in hand. Andrea Webster, Aleah Christian, Linda Speir.

Our overwhelming demand for tickets continues to be a “good problem” to have, but frustrating for our patrons, and this is an issue being explored by your Board of Directors.  Remember that you can always reach out to your Board with suggestions.  Email links can be found HERE.

Heads-up to please Save the Date for the Pull-Tight Banquet, known this year as the Pull-Tight 50th Gala, on the evening of June 29th at The Martin Center in Brentwood.  This will be a formal, glitzy, fun evening of reminiscences, entertainment, and looking ahead to another 50.  Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, our annual Artist Membership voting meeting is coming up.  Mark your calendar for May 5th at 5:00 p.m. for this meeting, and watch your snail mail for ballots.  For full information on what it means to be an Artist Member at Pull-Tight and to check your own status, click HERE.

Happy Spring to all, and not a moment too soon!

–Pat Street, President
Pull-Tight Board of Directors

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