President’s Blog Sept 2018

Fall has thus far been a somber time for the Pull-Tight family, with the separate losses of Wesley Fox and John Emberton, both long-time and beloved Pull-Tight artist members.  Wesley and John participated in the oral history interviews for our 50th Anniversary Celebration, so we are grateful to have been able to preserve their memories and inspiring words about what Pull-Tight meant in their lives.  Check out a new feature on the website, an In Memoriam Page honoring our members who have passed.


The 50th Anniversary Celebration was a resounding success, with over 200 in attendance.  Special thanks to Lynda Gibbs, Ricki Keckley, Steve and Pat Evans, and their committee members for all of the logistics that went into this event, as well as Laura Sparkman and Wesley Fox for gorgeous floral arrangements.  Huge thanks also to Tom Gregg and his team for our outstanding documentary “50 Years a Treasure.”  Remember that this is a year-long celebration, and watch the website for the opportunity to obtain a DVD of the film and our oral history interviews, as well as some 50th Anniversary memorabilia, with all proceeds donated to the theatre.

Our season opener, South Pacific, was a blockbuster success in every way, selling out the original run as well as two holdover shows.  Audiences were thrilled to see this beloved classic, in many cases bringing their children and grandchildren to experience it for the first time.  See a wonderful review here.  Many thanks to Director Iain Macpherson and his cast and crew, not only for the wonderful show, but for the willingness of the cast to perform numbers from the show three separate times for the 50th Anniversary and to participate in a workshop for the Junior Youth Actors Guild after the show closed.  As Producer of this show, I want to say that this was one of the most congenial groups of cast and crew I have ever worked with.

Director Daryle Tallent and her cast and production team have been working hard these last several weeks to bring us something I think we all need right now, the uproariously funny Lend Me a Tenor.  You are not going to want to miss this one, so get your tickets now!

In typical Pull-Tight fashion, people working behind the scenes have gone above and beyond.  Iain Macpherson removed all the chairs and painted the risers for the 50th Anniversary event and season opener.  Chris Dillard replaced the stage camera after the original was apparently fried by a lightning strike.  Steven Steele came in to do a tech inventory and make recommendations for updates.  Mike Foster stopped to repair the paint room door and the cast bathroom toilet in the midst of serving as Set Crew Chief for Lend Me a Tenor.  Not all of the jobs at Pull-Tight are glamorous, but every one of them makes us the strong and thriving organization that we are, and we appreciate you each and every one.

–Pat Street, President
Pull-Tight Board of Directors