Announcing Auditions for:

Directed by Matt Grimes
Produced by Heather Bottoms & April Presley

Monday, November 18 – 6:30 – all roles
Tuesday, November 19 – 6:30 – all roles
Founder’s Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 510 West Main Street, Downtown Franklin

Show Dates January 31, February 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15
Must be available for all show dates. Sunday, February 2 and February 9 are matinee performances.

Headshots and resumes not required but helpful.
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and “mild” improvisational work.
Some characters are age-flexible – please indicate your preference for roles on audition sheets.
See synopsis and role needs below. Tentative calendar/schedule available upon request.

For further information, contact Director Matt Grimes at james.m.grimes@vanderbilt.edu.


Legendary playwright Noel Coward employed his 50th production to chronicle human life in its twilight years. Lotta Bainbridge, a once-acclaimed performer, moves into The Wings, a charity retirement home for aging actresses. When she rekindles an old feud with a former rival, May Davenport, the two dueling divas are forced to come face-to-face with past indiscretions and present indignities to see if they can salvage a happy ending for their final act.

Unless otherwise noted, all characters should have British accents of some variety. Try them out as you see fit given the character’s descriptors – the Queen’s English, Cockney, Brummie, Scouse, etc.


Lotta Bainbridge (lead, 60+) – a resident at The Wings. Lotta is confident and bold; her arrival at The Wings sets off the series of events that begin to reveal Lotta’s own missteps in life.

May Davenport (lead, 60+) – a resident at The Wings. If Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice” were around in the 1960s, it would be May’s theme song. Her demeanor might be described as snooty and pretentious, or perhaps just distant.

Bonita Belgrave (supporting, 60+) – a resident at The Wings. Dorothy Zbornak in Britain, Bonita is quick with a barb. Can be British or American, but must play British-isms as jokes if choosing the latter. Must be able to carry a tune!

Cora Clarke (supporting, 60+) – a resident at The Wings. The Bohemian of the group, Cora judges sharply – she’d be a Debbie Downer if what she said weren’t often true and pretty darn funny. Can be British or American.

Sylvia Archibald aka “Miss Archie” (supporting, late 40s/50s) – the resident superintendent of The Wings. Presents herself as gruff and masculine, but deeply cares. Worked for ENSA and achieved the rank of colonel; think Nurse Ratched without the malevolence.

Sarita Myrtle (supporting, 60+) – a resident at The Wings. Sarita is slowly losing hold of reality, blending past shows and present day. Not played as crazy, but a definite blend of humor and tenderness despite her condition.

Deirdre O’Malley (supporting, 60+) – a resident at The Wings. The battleaxe of the bunch, incensed about everything, carrying a morbid obsession with death. Must have an Irish accent.

Perry Lascoe (supporting, 30s) – the Secretary of The Wings. A semi-failed actor whose sentimentality is a reason the girls love him so. Has a brief song in Act III, so should be able to carry a tune!

Osgood Meeker (featured, 60+) – a visitor to The Wings. “Dating” one of the residents. Dowdy and simple and of humble beginnings; not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Alan Bainbridge (featured, 40s) – Lotta’s son, estranged from Lotta. Stoic and sensible, though not always the warmest.

Zelda Fenwick (featured, late 30s/40s) – a journalist who comes to cover The Wings. A terse manner coupled with a classier style.

Maud Melrose (featured, 60+) – a resident at the Wings. Resigns herself to a meekish existence behind more outlandish personalities. Must be able to play the piano.

Almina Clare (featured, 60+) – a resident at the Wings. The very definition of “letting herself go” in life; aside from Estelle, food is her best friend.

Estelle Craven (featured, 60+) – a resident at the Wings. Estelle is overly sensitive and seems to have a tough time not being melodramatic in her reactions.

Doreen (ensemble, 20s/early 30s) – the maid at The Wings. Both daft and deft, Doreen flits in and out of various scenes. She gets to carry a bunch of trays.

Dora (ensemble, 30s/40s) – comedic appearance as Lotta’s dresser. Bawls incessantly.

Dr. Jevons (ensemble, 30s/40s) – the on-call doctor for The Wings

Topsy Baskerville (ensemble, 60+) – new resident at The Wings; cameo appearance at show’s end