Watch the full 51st annual Knot Awards event on YouTube

Pull-Tight’s first-ever livestreamed event was a huge success. Broadcast live from our theater on Saturday, June 27, the event paid tribute to our 51st season award winners and several dearly departed volunteers. We experienced wonderful original entertainment and honored the spirit and heart of our organization.

If you missed the livecast, or if you want to relive this historic event, the entire video is available on our YouTube channel. Or, you can watch it right here. Please take a moment to subscribe to our channel. Once we hit 100 subscribers, we can make some helpful upgrades.

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Other Knot Awards video segments

The beginning of our broadcast featured a memorable tribute to the original Jurassic Park, with a script written by board president Matt Grimes, and filming and editing by Noah True. Performers include Jennifer Bennett, Joe Shepherd, Iain MacPherson, Matthew Redding, Julie Murphy, and Matt Grimes.

Board member and past president Pat Street assembled our “in memoriam” video segment paying tribute to Pull-Tight volunteers to whom we said goodbye in the past 12 months.

Finally, the family of volunteer Cam Davis thanked our organization for the legacy of our annual director’s award named in her honor.