Pull-Tight’s 2016 Knot Awards Banquet – July 9, 2016

The Food

The People

Stephanie and Chris Dillard

Anne Rittenberry, Winner of the Pull-Tight Hall of Fame Award

Riley Vergara-Cruz and Hope Dyra, Teen Youth Actors Guild Scholarship Recipients

Calvin and Heather Bottoms

Outgoing President Ron Geagan and Banquet Chair Wesley Fox

Incoming President Lynda Gibbs

Iain Macpherson, Treasurer/Lifetime Board Member and Peggy Macpherson, Theatre Historian

Steve and Pat Evans

Ruste and Mike Foster

Emcees Tom Gregg and Daryle Tallent

Lynda and Curt Gibbs

Christina Sartell, Kyle Rybczyk, Becky Leopard

Heather Bottoms, Lynda Gibbs, Jeanne Drone, Pat Street, Beth Woodruff

Dustin Greenleaf

Dann and Ruth Childers

Dan and Brenna Kassis

Woody and Beth Woodruff

Amy and Lily Warren

The Winners