The Foreigner Auditions

Auditions for our second production of the 2015-16 season THE FOREIGNER will be held Sunday, August 30 and Monday, August 31 at 6:30 PM at Pull-Tight Theatre. Callbacks will take place Tuesday, September 1 at 6:30 PM.

An inventive comic romp, THE FOREIGNER is set in a fishing lodge/B&B in rural Georgia owned and operated by the widow Betty Weeks and tells the story of a pathologically shy English gentleman named Charlie who, on the suggestion from his traveling companion Froggy LeSuer, pretends that he can’t speak English in order to avoid making conversation with strangers – the other guests at the fishing lodge. Eventually the other guests decide to air their secrets around Charlie – many damaging revelations made with the thought that Charlie doesn’t understand a word being said. That he does fuels the nonstop hilarity of the play and sets up the wildly funny climax in which things go uproariously awry for the “bad guys,” and the “good guys” emerge triumphant.

Questions? Contact director Clay Hillwig here.


Froggy Lesueur (M, 35-55) A British military demolitions expert & Charlie’s friend. A frequent visitor and longtime friend of Lodge owner Betty Weeks. British accent required

Charlie Baker (M, 35-55) an extremely shy English proofreader and self-described boring man who has stood by his unfaithful wife, who is currently hospitalized with a long term illness. In his own opinion, he has no personality that he can think of, and is in need of some peace and quiet. He has accompanied Froggy on this trip against his own better judgment. British accent required

Betty Meeks (F, 60+) The proprietor of a Georgia fishing lodge/B&B, Betty is a VERY sweet woman, wise in some ways, very naïve in others. Struggling to keep her lodge from outside forces, the foreigner’s (Charlie) arrival is a welcome change and has renewed her spirit. She is good-hearted, generous, a “down-home” Southerner who speaks the hardy local Georgia dialect. Southern accent required

Catherine Simms (F, 20-30) A former southern debutant, newly pregnant and potentially rich fiancée of the Reverend Lee, she has a ready wit and a sharp tongue. She desperately needs someone to talk to, and, since Charlie, supposedly does not speak English, only listens and doesn’t bother giving advice, he suits her needs perfectly. Southern accent required

Ellard Simms (M, 20-25 ) Catherine’s younger brother, Ellard is a bit slow-witted and a very sweet trusting young man. He works as a sort of handyman for Betty and needs a considerable bit of instruction in his tasks, but may not be as dull as he seems. Ellard befriends Charlie and even decides to teach him to speak English. Southern accent required

Reverend David Marshall Lee (M, 25-35) Engaged to Catherine Simms. Neither the stereotypical pious young man, nor the hearty backslapping evangelist, he appears to be a “regular guy”, one that you would like to have on your side. He is not what he seems, however: a sinister, two-faced, honest-to-goodness “bad guy”. A wolf in sheep clothing to say the least. Southern accent required

Owen Musser (M, 25-55) The mean, not very bright, suspicious, and slimy Tilghman County property inspector. Owen and the Reverend Lee are cooking up an evil plot; Owen, is the absolute stereotype of a textbook bigot and ill-bred southern Klansman. Prejudiced against any and all who don’t fit his idea of White, Christian, America. Southern accent required