Season Ticket Update/Handicap Accessible Seating


There are a few Season Ticket series dates that are close to selling out, namely those listed below. If you attempt to purchase handicap accessible seating for these series dates, be advised that the system may not accommodate your request.

If this is the case and you are denied the opportunity to order handicap accessible seating while there is still general admission seating available, please call or email the box office and we will make sure your requests are given ample opportunity to be filled.

(615) 791-5007

Series #1 (Friday Evening): 16 remaining
Series #2 (Saturday Evening): 14 remaining
Series #3 (Thursday Evening): 14 remaining
Series #4: SOLD OUT
Series #5 (Saturday Evening): 18 remaining
Series #6 (Sunday Matinee): 8 remaining
Series #7, #8, and #9: Currently filling up but not in danger of difficulty ordering handicap accessible seating as of June 20.