The Junior Youth Actors Guild (JYAG), for ages 6 through 12, learns about all forms of theatrical experience and sees the theatre space during all stages of set construction. Touring backstage while a show is in production is a theatrical education all by itself! Children are encouraged to attend plays and to audition for appropriate roles when they come along. During monthly meetings, children are also given as many impromptu performing opportunities as possible with theatre games and skits, which helps to build stage confidence. We strive to include musical theatre and a variety of historical styles — even opera and Shakespeare — helping children to understand all aspects of theatre and expanding their awareness of all of the arts in the community, which leads to more opportunities for self-expression and creativity.

JYAG meets at the theatre monthly during the school year on Saturdays from 10:30 to noon. Meetings are usually the last Saturday of the month, but there are exceptions. Please view the 2018-19 Season Calendar“>Pull-Tight Calendar for specific dates.

Please contact us at pmacpherson@comcast.net if your child would like to join this fun group.

Lucie Logan
Ashley Culpepper
Peggy Macpherson

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  • Radio Drama Program/Sound Effects Workshop with Stephanie Dillard April 2019

  • Felt Project May 2019