Junior Youth Actors Guild (Ages 6-12) Meets Aug 26

Pull-Tight’s Junior Youth Actors Guild (JYAG) invites your children age 6 to 12 to a meeting on Saturday, August 26 at the Pull-Tight Theatre from 10:30 til noon. The theme of the meeting will be STORYBOOKS, doing fun improvs with “Madeline” and “Ferdinand.” If we have time, we will also include some “Aesop’s Fables.”

JYAG meets monthly during the school year. Emphasis is on enjoying theater and encouraging stage confidence with games and skits. Dues are $5.00 only once a year.

See photos from JYAG meetings here:  http://www.pull-tight.com/youth/

JYAG Advisors are Lucie Logan, Maddie Logan, Jordan Scott, and Peggy Macpherson.
For questions about JYAG, contact Peggy at pmacpherson@comcast.net.