Monty Python’s Spamalot

Book & Lyrics by Eric Idle – Music by John Du Prez & Eric Idle
Directed by Leslie Berra

June 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15,16

Take the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail with its spoof of the Arthurian legend, add musical showstoppers, showgirls, divas, and hilarious send-ups of musical theatre itself, and you have Spamalot. The 2005 Broadway production won three Tony Awards including Best Musical. Songs include “Always Look on the Bright Side,” “The Song That Goes Like This,” “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway”, and “Find Your Grail.”



David Arnold – Arthur, King of the Britons
Stephanie Jones Benton – The Lady of the Lake
Roger Csaki – Lancelot, the Knight of Ni, a Sentry, the French Taunter, and Tim the Enchanter
Jon Kieffner – Robin, a Sentry, Guard 1, and Brother Maynard
Johnny Benton – Dennis Galahad, the Black Knight, Concorde, and Village Person
Brett Myers -Patsy, the Mayor of Finland, and a Guard
Bill Jones – Bedevere, Mrs. Galahad, Herbert’s Father, and a Broadway Dancer
Ben Gregory – Historian, Not Dead Fred, Herbert, and Robin’s Minstrel (6/1, 6/2, 6/7,6/8, 6/9 performances)
Andrew Long – Historian, Not Dead Fred, Herbert, and Robin’s Minstrel (6/10, 6/14, 6/15, 6/16 performances)
William Huddleston – Robert “The Beard” Basson, Sir Not-Appearing, Sir Bors
Erin Hailey – Marigold Friarson
Katie Gilchrist – Rose Hollis
Brittanie Graham – Lily of the Valley
Abigail Nichol – Azalea Silvermeadow
Joshua Mertz – Sir Joshua, Lord of Ivory
Joshua Woods – Lord Joshua, Earl of Ebony
Jeremy Hargis – Puppeteer
God – Eric Idle


Dann Childers – Keyboards

Dennis Palmer – Drums

Steve Haan​ – Bass

Bob Bowers​ – Woodwinds


DIRECTOR: Leslie Berra
PRODUCER: Jeremy Hargis

Stage Manager – April Presley​​
Assistant Stage Manager – ​Jeremy Hargis
Vocal Director – Terri Godfrey
Band Director – ​Dann Childers
Choreographer – ​Paige Hall Christy
Technical Director – ​Chris Dillard
Set Design – Jacob Heinz
Costume Design – ​Lenny West, Denese Kelley​
Costume Assistants – ​Cat Arnold, Leslie Berra
Projection Design – ​Justin McIntosh
Projection Advisor – Titus Keiningham
Projection Tech – Ruth Childers
Props – ​​​Emily Hawarah, Katrin Keiningham, Kathryn Johnson
Lighting Design – David Crutcher
Lighting Tech – ​Carmela Hofstee
Sound Tech – ​​Titus Keiningham
Spotlight Operators – ​Lily Turman, Laura Bond
Set Crew Chief – ​​Joe Kelley
Executive Producer – ​Jeremy Hargis
Audition Assistants – ​Jennifer Bennett, Jeanne Drone, Kendall Rogers, Lauren Case, April​Presley
Photography/Lobby Display – ​​Jeanne Drone/Three Wishes Photography
Graphic Design – ​Terri Merrill
Program Design – Becky Leopard
Front of House – ​Steve and Pat Evans
Door Coordinator – ​Laura Holderman
House Manager – Iain Macpherson
Concession Coordinators – JK and Tom Gregg
Set Crew – ​​Bill Jones, Paige Hall Christy, Cat Arnold, Roger Csaki, Denese Kelley, Jeremy Hargis, Woody Woodruff, Joe Kelley,
Clay Hillwig, Chris Dillard, Brett Myers, Carmela Hofstee, Will Huddleston