by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Daryle Tallent

October 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20

For a stimulating evening full of mistaken identities, romantic complications, and slamming doors, it doesn’t get much better than this favorite work heralded as “one of the classic comedies of the 20th century” by The Washington Post. Opening in 1986 on the West End and in 1989 on Broadway, the show garnered nine Tony nominations and won two. A world-famous tenor appearing for one night only as Otello is accidentally given a double dose of tranquilizers and passes out. A staff member gets into costume to take his place, and the fun begins. “Non-stop laughter.”—Variety

–Previously Performed on the Pull-Tight stage in 1994


Tom Gregg – Max
Rachel Heyd – Maggie
Jim Tallent – Saunders
Brad Forrister – Tito Merelli
Jeanne Drone – Maria
Matt Grimes – Bellhop
Ashley Culpepper – Diana
Pat Street – Julia


Director – Daryle Tallent
Producer – Pat Evans
Stage Manager – Hanes Sparkman
Set Construction Chief – Mike Foster
Set Crew – Cabot Pyle, John Kitson, Bill Jones, Iain Macpherson, Wayne Bru, Zack Bryan
Artist Consultant – Debbie Kraski
Paint Crew – Daryle Tallent, Jim Tallent, Helen Carter, Greg Carter, Steve Evans, Debbie Kraski
Set Dressing & Properties – Ruste Foster
Costume Coordinator – Emily Hawarah
Costume Crew – Anne Rittenberry, Laurel Aiello, JK Gregg
Lighting Design – David McGinnis
Sound Design – Stephanie Dillard
Light Execution – Carol Brown
Sound Execution – Carmela Hofstee, Katie Earl
Backstage Assistant – Lynn Laughlin
Door Coordinator – Cheryl Ward
Audition Assistants – Helen Carter, Matt Grimes
Lobby Display/Photography – Jeanne Drone
Logo/Billboard – Terri Merrill
Programs – Becky Leopard