AUDITIONS for Scrooge the Musical at Pull-Tight

Sunday, September 25
5:30 to 7:30 – Children ages 9 to 14
7:30 to 9:00 – Adults

Monday, September 26
6:30 to 8:30 – Adults

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 510 West Main Street, Downtown Franklin

All ethnicities are encouraged to audition for what will be a strong ensemble cast.

Headshots and resumes not required but helpful.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and a brief vocal audition.  Please prepare 32 bars each of two contrasting songs and bring sheet music in the correct key.  An accompanist will be provided; no recorded music is allowed.

Show dates are December 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17.

Scrooge — 40’s-60’s; baritenor (several solos and duets)
Bob Cratchit — 30’s-40’s; baritone (Christmas Children, The Beautiful Day)
Tom Jenkins — 20’s-40’s; medium range (Father Christmas, Thank You Very Much)
Jacob Marley — 40’s-60’s; bass (Make the Most of This World)
Christmas Past — Female 30’s-50’s; medium range (Love While You Can)
Christmas Present/Harty — Male 30’s–50’s; low baritone (I Like Life)
Mr. Fezziwig — 30’s-50’s; medium range (December the 25th)
Mrs. Fezziwig/Mrs. Jollygoode — 30’s-50’s; medium range (December the 25th)
Child Ebenezer (Ebby)/Urchin — 9-12; non-singing
Nephew Harry/Young Adult Ebenezer — 20’s-30’s; tenor/medium range (Happiness;You; The Minister’s Cat)
Isabel/Helen— 18-25; soprano (Happiness, The Minister’s Cat)
Mrs. Cratchit/Baker/Beggar — 30’s-40’s; medium range (The Beautiful Day)
Tiny Tim — 8-10; boy or girl soprano (The Beautiful Day; Christmas Children)
Kathy Cratchit — 9-11; girl soprano (Christmas Children, The Beautiful Day)
Jen Scrooge/Martha Cratchit — 10-14; girl medium range (The Beautiful Day)
Two Urchins/Schoolboys — boys 7-12; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)
Mr. Carstairs/Phantom/Party Guest — 20’s to 60’s; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)
Bissett/Dick Wilkins/Teacher/Phantom/Party Guest — 20’s to 40’s; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)
Pringle/Topper/Wine Merchant/Phantom/Party Guest — 20’s to 40’s; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)
Mrs. Dilber/Phantom/Party Guest — 40’s to 60’s; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)
Miss Dilber/Mary/Phantom/Party Guest — 20’s to 40’s; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)
Bess (apple seller)/Phantom/Party Guest — 20’s to 60’s; medium range (Ensemble Numbers)

For further information, contact Director Pat Street at