Auditions for Death of a Salesman

Auditions for Death Of A Salesman, Arthur Miller’s iconic play pitting the American Dream against the realities of life, will be held:

Monday and Tuesday, October 23 and 24, 6:30 p.m.
Pull-Tight Theatre, 112 Second Ave. S. in Downtown Franklin

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Head shots and resumes are helpful, but not required.

Please contact director JK Gregg at with any questions.

There are roles for 8 men and 5 women:

Willy Loman (mid-50s to mid-60s) – An insecure, self-deluded traveling salesman. Willy believes wholeheartedly in the American Dream of easy success and wealth, but he never achieves it. Nor do his sons fulfill his hope that they will succeed where he has failed.

Biff Loman – 34 years old. Flawed older son of Willy and Linda Loman. He was a popular jock in high school, but as an adult has failed to live up to his potential.

Happy Loman – 32 years old. He grew up in his brother’s shadow. Is the mediator of the family and tries to quell arguments.

Linda Loman – 50 to mid-60’s. Loyal and loving wife of Willy. Passive but supportive.

Charley – 50 to mid-60’s. Wise-cracking, kind neighbor of Willy. His son Bernard is the same age as Willy’s boys.

Bernard – Charley’s son. He is a nerd and has always worshiped Biff. Is very successful.

Uncle Ben – Willy’s older brother. He appears to Willy in his hallucinations.

The Woman – 30-45. “Miss Francis,” as Willy calls her. Willy’s one-time mistress.

Howard – 35-45. Willy’s boss. Sees Willy as a liability to the company.

Jenny – 25-45. Charley’s secretary.

Stanley – 30-45. Waiter and friend of Happy’s.

Miss Forsythe – 20-30. A girl Happy picks up in a bar.

Letta – 20-30. Friend to Miss Forsythe.